Israeli Blind Tasting Competition 2016 (BTC) Day 1–Singleton Of Dufftown 12 yo

So another blind tasting? yes. This is the 2nd Israeli Organized BTC, which is organized by Tapuz whisky and Alcohol forum of (An Israeli forum dealing with booze), and includes 18 bottles to be tasted blind, just like the NL version (more or less), selected by the Ewald’s israeli counterpart Assaf who also administers the forum. (cheers for the effort  mate!). I never have high expectations of scoring in any of those competitions, as it’s so hard to pick a whisky blind even if you’ve drank it a few times before. The Israeli selection is however a bit narrower than the NL one (we do not have many IB’s here, so mostly OB), but at any rate, it’s hard to guess right.

So… The first dram. From first sniff, it felt quite shallow, not very good, and a bit flat, with the a generic 12 or so year old malt feel to it. It felt like 40% to me, and I was deliberating between 10 yo, and 12, and went for the latter. So a quite mediocre dram, from a distillery somewhere in Speyside or so. I am not a big fan of the Singleton of Dufftown, or what they are doing with it, so the first whisky that came to mind was that. and I went with my heart. It did pay off, and It was a Bingo! 100 points, or so. Now it’s all downhill I guess Winking smile

The Singleton Of Dufftown, 12 yo, 40% abv , £31 / 199 ILS singleton-of-dufftown-12-year-old-whisky

Nose:  Malt, Wood, and a bit of honey sweetness, with hints of citrus, and more damp wood and nuts.

Palate: Malty, biscuity, with hints of golden syrup, barley sugars, and faint hints of wood, and and citrus.

Finish: vanilla, wood shaving, a bit of fruit.

A very basic whisky for me. It is aimed at “new drinkers” but, sadly had I started my whisky journey drinking this stuff, I am not sure I would have continued. Quite boring, and not very thirlling stuff. You can do better for around 30 quid / 200 ILS. much better, I am afraid.

Score: 74/100

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