Invergordon 1972, 43 yo, Whiskybase 70,000 bottles celebratory release

Readers of this blog are familiar with WhiskyBase, the encyclopedic website where you can find information and ratings on EVERY whisky available (more or less), a very useful site/community/shop that us whisky lovers and geeks use daily as a reference. Recently they celebrated the 70,000th whisky in their database, and as they sometimes do, they released a special release (this time really limited – only a few 100’s bottles). The price was right € 145 for a 43 year old single grain (In today’s whisky price atmosphere, this is a very good price), that is older than myself (oh my). It didn’t take me long to order a bottle or two. I am a big fan of older single grains, and at this price point this was a non brainer. I have not opened my bottle yet, but gladly I tried a sample from a friend’s open bottle (cheers, Assaf).  at 49.7% it was bottled at a nice strength, all natural no coloring, chill filtration or anything we do not approve of Winking smile

Invergordon 1972 WB 43 yo , 49.7 % , 242 bottles invergordon

Nose: A very nice entry, with lots of sweetness and nail polish remover (lovely), which takes some time to tone down (Some people do not appreciate too much acetone),then the tropical fruit kick in. It does remind me of well aged bourbons ,and I am told the majority of the grains used here are indeed corn.  There’s a lot of fresh coconut, and red grapefruit in there, as well as sweet dough, ripe blood orange, and vinegar. You should give this baby some time to open up, and you will be able to get some more mint and spices.

Palate:  This is one tropical palate! Loads of goodies, such as coconut,banana, ripe orange, and a lot of yummy red grapefruit, which I adore. More sweet honey, and some acetone, oak, and a wee hint of smoke.

Finish: Sweet dough, and some more of the coconut / grapefruit combo. very long.

This is a wee cracker. It is not a wood bomb as one would think a 43 year old grain could be (I could use more wood in this one, and it would not be overly woody), but it is an exotic fruit monster (yes, pun intended). If you’re a fan of good grains, than you’re going to NEED one of these, it’s great. I am very happy I got a couple of those. Really good stuff guys.

Here’s to 100,000 bottles on the wall!

Score: 89/100

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