Angels’ Nectar Blended Malt – Rich Peat Edition

The peated blended malt market is gaining popularity and there are more and more examples of well made peated (mostly NAS) blended malt coming from various IBs. The latest addition is the Angel’s Nectar Rich peat. If you’re not familiar with Angel’s Nectar Have a look at my Previous review for the “basic” edition Here. AN is blended by a small whisky maker called Highfern and led by whisky Robert Ransom, who’s been working in the whisky industry for the last decade or so.  The whisky itself was Created from a selection of Highland malts, the Rich Peat Edition has been bottled at 46% vol., and is thus stronger and more robust than the First Edition of Angels’ Nectar.


Angels’ Nectar Blended Malt – Rich Peat Edition , 40.0%  , £42 angels-nectar-blended-malt-rich-peat-edition-whisky

Nose : nice creamy nose with quite a lot of peat,  much more than I expected by all means. It’s not very medicinal at all ; it’s more earthy with lots of char,  Hay and a hint of coastal notes. Not much fruit here at all, and it doesn’t feel overly young .

Palate : The palate is much bigger than anticipated with a big earthy peat smash up front, then getting creamier and mocha like. There’s also a hint of brine, a salty touch as well as some citrus but only a very slight note. It’s mostly damp earth soot and Moss.

Finish : earthy and creamy mocha. Malty.

I have to say I am quite impressed with this one, and certainly prefer it to the previos edition. The earty peat, and the nice overall profile which is peated, but not young, and spirity, shows a good balance between the blended ingredients. This is prehaps not the most complex whisky but as a daily dram for the cold winter nights, it delivers! at 42 quid, it is not cheap, but it is not over priced as well. Well done.

Score : 85/100

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