A few pointers for the novice wannabe whisky blogger

1.Start from the basic range , and then go upwards. If you have not tasted any of the core range of a distillery do not start at a 50 year old expression , and then  do not speak about how the whisky matches a “distillery style”.

2. Astonishingly so, a whisky  does not have to be either a Peat Monster or a Sherry bomb.

3.Blogging is not all about getting free booze.

4.Trying to pronounce whisky distillery names in a false Gaelic accent does not make you a whisky expert.

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3 thoughts on “A few pointers for the novice wannabe whisky blogger

  1. Couldn’t agree more… :)) I have to add a couple though if you don’t mind:

    Do not post using other people’s posts without proper credit.
    Translating other bloggers posts to another language doesn’t make those posts your own. Use proper credit.
    Finding a photo on the internet and in other people’s blogs does not necessarily mean that they are free for all. Use proper credit.
    You know what? If it’s not yours, just use proper credit..!!! 🙂

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