Tasting the Benriach Latada 18 yo

The Latada is another special release by The Benriach, aged 18 years just like its 18 year old siblings the Albariza and Dunder (reviewed here). The difference is again the cask finish, this time we’re talking Madeira finish instead of the dark rum / PX, which did work quite well for the other two (I preferred the PX to the Rum, but they were both very good stuff). This is quite the limited edition again with around 4,000 bottles, again Bottled at 46% abv, at natural color and non chill filtered – just as we like it. In case you’re wondering what “Latada” is – The name comes from the traditional “Latada” or trellised vine system on the island of Madeira where the vines are laid out horizontally above the ground on low trellises.

BenRiach 18 Year Old Latada , 46.0% , RRP £71 (most sold out) benriach-18-year-old-latada-whisky

Nose : Mossy peat, damp leaves and earth. There’s also some fruit : mainly pear and and ripe melon, blood orange too, as well as a nice wood fire , and toasted bread with berry jam.

Palate :  Smoky fruit salad with ripe pear, melon and apple peel. Smoky papaya and big whiff of peat and smoked dry banana. Dry and ashy towards the end with mocha, and a sweet campfire party going on in your mouth.

Finish : Dry and smoky with lots of campfire,  charred oak, leather.


This is another fine example of a well made Benriach whisky. I must admit At first I was not really taken with this whisky (I felt it was good, but was hoping for more), but thankfully my share was big enough as to try a few drams of this one, on a few different occasions, and I can definitely say this whisky grew on me, and I began liking and appreciating it more and more. It is somewhere above the Dunder, and below the excellent Albariza in my scoring scale. A very worthy trio of 18 year old finishes from BR. Good stuff. Again.

Score: 88/100

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