Dailuaine 34 Year Old 1980 (Special Release 2015)

You can say whatever you want about Diageo, but you can not deny the fact that this big corporation is bottling some fantastic stuff be it the 16 yo Lagavulin, the 10 yo Talisker, if we’re talking standard afordable whiskies, or the latest 2015 Special releases. Stunning stuff, and while not exactly cheap (and very very expensive when we’re talking Brora /PE / other 30+ yo whiskies), they are indeed top notch stuff, as we’re about to find when tasting this lovely 34 year old Dailuaine. I was lucky enough to be able to afford a share of a bottle (10Cl), and also received a wee sample from Diageo (thank you!). I have no idea how I knew this one was about to be excellent stuff. Anyways, since I tasted it, I saw some good reviews online, so I guess I am not the only one loving it…

Dailuaine 34 Year Old 1980 (Special Release 2015)  , 50.9% ,£380 (sold out)dailuaine-34-year-old-1980-special-release-2015-whisky

Nose: Deep and savory with quite a lot of spices, and a meaty feeling to it, with dried fruit (but not very sweet), some oxtail soup, and a lovely deep old wood varnish, oh yea! Further nosing does reveal some dark chocolate and toasted cereal, orange peel, and a nutty edge, with the faintest hint of smoke. Full, robust, and manly, this is a complex whisky from the get go.

Palate: The palate is big and full of delicious flavors : with ripe oranges (some candied orange too), deep hedonistic dollops of chocolate, the dried fruit are even more pronounced with the prunes at the forefront, a nutty edge too, then getting drier with notes of old wood varnish, baked apples, and the meaty oxtail soup is also present , but fades to the background with the dried fruit and choate taking the lead. There are some black tea leaves, all engulfed by the wonderful wood spices, and old wood , which really goes well with the dried fruit.

Finish: Dark chocolate, double espresso, wood and a hint of smoke.

Bottom line:

This is a rich, complex and delicious whisky. truly spectacular stuff, with a brilliant mouth feel at over 50%. A cracker, and no surprise this sold well. Again, it’s not cheap, but it is of the highest quality, and there aren’t many (any?!) OB Dailuaines out there. Top drop.

Score: 93/100

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