First review of 2016–Ardbeg Supernova 2015


We’re kicking off 2016 with a bang, literally. A supernova! well, almost. Ardbeg Supernova as the peatiest expression from the Islay distillery of Ardbeg , and only the mighty Octomore has more ppm of peat (not that ppm is a any measure of the quality of whisky, or how peated the whisky feels).  This is the 2015 Ardbeg Committee release, and I think it has to do with Ardbeg sending some liquid to space, and that wee ampule of whisky coming all the way back, and being analyzed in what was called the Ardbeg “white paper” , quite a funny conclusion to that quite silly PR stunt. oh well, PR or not, Ardbeg can distill some awesome whiskies. I was quite keen on trying this one having samples previous expressions under the Supernova label, and gladly I was able to score some whisky sharing with friends (thank you Steve for running this share). Let’s dig in:

Ardbeg Supernova, committee release 2015, 54.3 % , ~€ 200sn2015

Nose: Quite creamy and sweet for a blaster like this, but that’s actually nice. Some more smoke comes later with chilly and smoky green banana and peppermint.

Palate : more peaty than the nose but that comes add no surprise. Lots of sweet malt, toffee and vanilla with anise,  and earthy notes, medicinal notes (iodine) ending on bitter espresso.

Finish : pepper,  ash, earth.  Dry.


That’s a very tasty Ardbeg, less ashy and peaty then previous versions, and certainly less peaty than the SN2010 (The last Supernova I bought – yea, those were the days). A very nice fruity, yet earthy whisky, showing a nice diversity of aromas, flavors and complexity. It might not  be the biggest baddest example of badass peated whiskies (it’s quite civilized, and not Extremely peaty) , but It is very enjoyable just because of that. Lovely sipping, but not at 200 EUR and up. If you’re an ardbeg collector, better get this one.  If you ask me, I prefer some of the latest Octomores to this one, but a solid Ardbeg it is.


Score: 88/100

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