Mortlach 18 OB–Review and thoughts

Quite some time ago Mortlach has undergone a complete revamp of its core range, with fancy new packaging, a NAS and a few Age statement expressions, all very luxurious (read Bloody expensive), and in 0.5 Liter decanters. The brand has been fully Dalmorized * fully, not without many Mortlach fans, and whisky fans displaying a lot of discomfort and disappointment in the direction the brand was going. More than a year has passed by, and this was the first time I tried any of the new bottles, this time the 18 year old (which sells for a whopping £180, yes.). How good is the whisky, regardless of the high price tag?

Mortlach 18 Year Old (50cl, 43.4%), £180 mortlach-18-year-old-whisky

Nose : Quite bold and meaty with a lot of earthy notes up front add well as sweeter notes : baked apples, leather and hints of ginger.

Palate : Sweet and delicious with fried fruit,  ginger and baking spices. Nice wood and leather with Apple peel and milk chocolate all behind a dusty earthy veil.

Finish : Dried fruit and chocolate.


There’s not doubt this is a good whisky, very good indeed. The only downside is the high price, if you take into consideration this is only a 0.5L bottle, the VFM is indeed very low. A great gift idea if you want to impress someone, other than that, no real reason to be buying this instead of cheaper whiskies of the same quality.

Score: 85/100

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