Amrut 2009 cask #3434 WhiskyBase NL exclusive, ex-Bourbon

I’m a big fan of good Indian whiskies (Amrut, Paul John) , with Amrut defienrtly being one of the best whisky distilleries outside Scotland (and Japan). They have been really making good stuff in recent years, with quite some OB single casks released recently as well as the ‘Spectrum’. When this one came out on Whisky Base, I knew this was going to be something worth having, and luckily there were enough bottles for me and some friends. Anyways, I’ve not opened mine yet, but was lucky enough to enjoy a dram at a recent friends night out, this being the only Non-Peated whisky of the evening (Cheers Niko). This as indicated, is a non peated single cask, aged for 6 years, bottled at a nice 62,8% abv.

Amrut 6 yo 2009 , OB / Whiskybase 2015, ex-bourbon cask #3434, 62,8%Sold outamrut - Wbase

Nose: The nose was really a surprise, since It was really hinting towards a sherry cask, with quite some wine-y notes, a slight sourness, and definitely not the classic ex-bourbon notes I was expecting at first, but as this was clearly labeled as an ex-bourbon cask, I knew this could not have been the cases here.Weird. Other than that, It was kind of fruity in a away (more like stewed fruit, than fresh or dried ones) and a lot of caramel and toffee, which were only intensified with some water (and this baby DOES NEED some water, mind you!). 62%+ abv, is a bit intense here, so the water is a nice addition, quite a bit of that, too. The water also reveals more classic ex-bourbon notes of vanilla, a hint of ripe banana, dried coconut, and rose water. Indian delight.

Palate: With the water I’m getting a nice woody touch, with ripe orange, and a certain coconut / fruit mix, with a big dose of old school caramel candy, wine gums, and some chocolate too, quite sweet, and oily, very very creamy feel to it.

Finish:  Medium – with sweet (caramel and chocolate : Toffifee).

This is a very good Amrut, but to be honest I am a bit disappointed (maybe I was hoping for too much after reading some reviews online). It is very good, sweet and intense, and does require a lot of water to really be enjoyed to its fullest. A good buy at any rate, But I think I’ve had better single cask Amruts (Mostly the peated). Still, Solid, and good value if you can say so about a 6 year old whisky that is not very cheap.

Score: 86/100

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