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Aultmore 1990–25 yo Burns Malt (TWB)

I received 3 samples for review some time ago from TWB (The whisky Barrel), and it took my some time to get to them. They all had lovely colors, and this being the darkest, was my first choice, as the evenings were getting chillier and I was quite in need of a good , heavily sherried older dram. I was not to regret this! Seems this bottling was quite a hit (maybe after Serge loved it – so it seems), and is all gone. Anyways, big sherried Aultmore? bring it on!

Aultmore ,25 Year Old 1990 Burns Malt, 57.8%, butt #3241aultmore-25-year-old-burns-malt-scotch

Nose: oh. That’s some big big sherry. And I mean BIG. Quite a bit of sulfur too if you’re a fan of the genre- I am. Lovely. There’s plenty of rubber , also hints of kirsch liquor , cigar leaf , cough medicine and a touch of amaretto.

Palate: wham! That’s a sweet big entry. A lot of rubber , and the sulfur is also here. Big dessert wine notes, heavy sherry, with cigar tobacco leaves, pepper , nutmeg and clove. Rich thick and oily. Almost jam like. You can chew on this. Big tannins. Deep plum and date spread. Sugar Galore. This is a great digestif.

Finish: old leather , thick sweet wine, nuts, clove and chocolate. Endless.

This is a superb sherry bomb from Aultmore, Well done… If you’re not fond of rubbery / sulfur-y notes, then look elsewhere, but if you are a fun of big bold dirty sherry, look no further.


Score: 91/100

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