Diageo SR 2015 Part III –Port Ellen 32 yo [1983]

So, we come to the holy grail of whisky collectors and geeks : The Legendary Port Ellen from this year’s Special releases. Aged 32 years and distilled in 1983 – the final year of production at the PE distillery. Priced at £2,400, it is not really cheap, and my guess not many bottles will EVER get opened, as this is a purely collect / invest bottle for most of those who purchase it, and too bad about that. I feel lucky to be able to try as wee sample (cheers, Diageo). Expect a few more PEs coming your way (in term of notes, sadly I have too few to share) soon on the blog. 2964 bottles of this one, bottled at 53.9%, and still available in many online shops in case you’re feeling wealthy today…

Port Ellen 32 Year Old Special Releases 2015 , 53.9% , £2,400port-ellen-32-year-old-1983-15th-release-special-release-2015-whisky

Nose: Dirty apple cider, lots of fruit, but again, on the dirty mossy side, quite mineral as well, with the signature Chamois leather, a hint of citrus, and then smoky cereals, It takes water nicely, adding a stronger mossy note, with the fruit (peach and pineapple) getting stronger too. Well worth waiting with this one, letting it breath, as there is certainly a lot to discover, aroma wise.

Palate: Peat, with sticky sweet Caramel, treacle toffee, wood smoke, and again the musty , earthy feeling (smoke, char) that is well integrated with the sweeter notes of chocolate, vanilla and sultana, the wood shining bright with old library benches, wood varnish, and an old style library hearth.

Finish : Earthy, smoky and lingering, with the wood and chocolate notes going a long long way, as well as the smoke.


Port Ellen or not, this is an exceptional whisky : complex, elegant, and rich. A real treat for everyone who appreciates old mossy peat, with a nice touch of fruit and sweetness to go along with all that. A worthy Special Release indeed. As for VFM : well, at that price…

Score: 94/100

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