Kilchoman 2010 single cask TWE exclusive cask 679

for those who enjoy peated whiskies, TWE included two peated malts in their latest line of Exclusive single cask bottlings, the first is this 4-year-old Kilchoman, and the other is English whisky peated. I’ve long been a Kilchoman fan (though I am not doing a lot of peat these days – this might change as temperatures are dropping even here) , and It is really hard to find a bad dram made by this wee distillery. Some are awesome, while some are good. I happen to like their PX casks (and PX finishes) so I was  expecting something nice this time. let’s dram.

Kilchoman 2010 single cask TWE exclusive cask 679 , 58.3% abv , £89 kilch_TWE

Nose: Hot cinnamon gum , bacon in sweet marinade, pepper, sherry and peat reek. Salted peanuts and pepper. Sweet sherry goodness cigar leaves.

Palate: Big spicy with  tons of  chilly, mouth full of peppery ashy peat with sweet bacon glazing , caramelized sugar, cinnamon and dry sherry. Gum and ash. Cough syrup.

Finish : Peppery. Chilly sweet bacon. Peat and pear. Wood smoke and sweet sticky apricots cooked in wine.

This might not be the all time best Kilchoman cask I’ve had, but it’s damn tasty. A nice PX touch that adds the sweetness and marinate sauce in combination with the bacon, makes it yummy. 90 quid for a 4-year-old single cask is not cheap, I agree. This is my only issue with this one. Kilchoman single casks are not really rare.. A good one to enjoy.

Score: 88/100


Cheers for the sample guys!

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