Glenfarclas 1993 oloroso sherry casks [2012 ed.]

Glenfarclas are lucky to have a lot of stock aging in their warehouses, so they are able to release interesting , aged whiskies from time to time. (this is what happens when you’re a family owned distillery , and putting your stuff into single malts rather than using it as blending fodder).  I am not sure where I got this sample from. It has been sitting around in my sample box for quite some time, so whomever sent this my way, thanks buddy!

Glenfarclas 1993 oloroso sherry casks (2012 edition) , 46% abv , € 62GF_1993

Nose : That’s an interesting nose. A bit funky at first sniff…  A his of a sour note as well as damp wood,  melted butter and onion jam. Some drued for to mainly sultana berries and old dry sherry.

Palate : More vinous with the sherry taking over with a sour note again.  Cinnamon. Dry sherry and tannins. Dried Fig and sultana with cardamom and cinnamon. Butter and more damp wood. Some chocolate raisin too. Pepper and leather.

Finish:  Dry. Vinous. Lots of tannins. Fig and apple peel under a veil of damp sour wood.

Bottom line: Delicious, and not so sweet, which is nice if you like your sherry a bit on the sourish vinous side. Recommended, and still available online on some sites (mostly in Germany).


Score: 88/100

4 thoughts on “Glenfarclas 1993 oloroso sherry casks [2012 ed.]

  1. I just stumbled on your review here. I too had the Glenfarclas 1993 vintage, but wasn’t too impressed with it. Seemed quite bitter on the finish… Jim Murray blames this on sulphur -tainted barrels, while also claiming that the Germans apparently like them (NOT ME for sure^^)

    This may be a slightly biased judgement, since, before tasting this expression, I had the rather excellent Glenfarclas 1988 Quarter Cask bottling (German market exklusive, 20yo, limited to 1478 bottles :D) A really awesome Malt gifted to me by my neighbour who was afraid that his children would mix it with coke(!)
    I still have to try the Glenfarclas “Springs”, “Team” and “Passion” bottlings. Although being just NAS, they’re definitely on my list.


    1. well, jim.. go figure.

      as for the NAS farclas ,not tried them yet, but i have very low expectations…
      prob. quite young.

      I lament the recent price hike of the 40 yo…

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