Tasting Barrel Bourbon Batch #4

Time for some Whiskey, and today with a brand I’ve never tried before : Barrel. BB are sort of an independent bottler for Bourbon and Whiskey, they source casks (well, yeah from big factories in Idiana… ) and they bottle them at cask strength, as they claim each batch is different (well single barrels tend to be). This one I am reviewing today is a mix of corn, rye, malted barley (as for mashbill), distilled in Kentucky, Aged for 6 years, 4 months in charred white oak barrels, and bottled at 116.7 proof (58.35 % abv). Thanks for the nice samples (bottle share and that) goes to DSA, who was kind enough to buy some organize the share while in the US.

Barrel Bourbon Batch #4 , 116.7 proof  (58.35 % abv), 6 yo BB

Nose: Nice sweet corn notes up front, with some cherries, oak and crushed peppercorns, there’s also BBQ’ed meat in sweet marinade, as well as hints of acetone. Quite mild for the ABV

Palate: starts spicy and salty with quite a bit of spices: mainly cinnamon cardamom and vanilla, some orchard fruit too (apricot, and maybe ripe apple) as well as oak and icing sugar.

Finish : Tobacco leaves, bitter, leather and dry oak.

All in all a very enjoyable Whiskey at cask strength, nice nose and palate with enough complexity (as far as there’s complexity in whiskey, right?). Good stuff.

Score: 87/100

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