Classic Glen Moray–The Classic and the New Make

I’ve Tasted a few Glen Morays recently (peated, Port,Chardonnay versions ) and funnily I’ve not reviewed the classic NAS, so this is a good opportunity as any. Its just fitting we start with the New make which is where everything starts (this time with no peat). Let’s go.


Glen Moray New Make, 69 % abv

Nose: Yeasty and fruity with mostly ripe pear sugar vanilla and gum. Citrus too.

Palate: Candied popcorn, lemon , sugar and cocoa. Sweet vanilla fudge. Pear pie. Alcoholic bite (well, yea, it’s 69% abv!)

Finish: Sweet fruity and creamy.


that’s a rather nice new make I should say, no off to explore the spirit after aging in casks a.k.a : whisky


Glen Moray classic , NAS , 40% , £21glen-moray-classic-whisky

Nose: That’s a nice summery whisky if there was one : light, crisp, creamy, with citrus, floral notes, a bit of malt, and shortbread too, with enough zest to balance it all.

Palate:  Quite similar to the nose, with a light profile : malt, cereals, lemon rind, floral and vanilla notes too. easy drinking.

Finish: Sponge fruit cake, lemon peel, light cereal note.


This is not the most complex of drams as you might expect from the basic entry point dram by Glen Moray, but it is a nice summer sipper. Would work nicely even with some ice (yes, it’s that time of year here and it’s HOT), also may serve for a nice base for a cocktail, and would do great neat. Unpretentious, and quite cheap at around 20 quid. If you ask me, I prefer the Port cask finish to this one, being NAS too , but more complex, and a bit more interesting than this. At any rate, good pricing, and good basic malt.


Score:  81/100

Official samples provided by Glen Moray

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