More Mezcal – Mezcal Tlucuache, 100% wild agave Angustifolia

The next Mezcal I tasted after the Nauyaca was this, which is made from wile Agave Angustifolia, in case your’e wondering how this Agave looks, I’ve attached an image (I had no idea too). Agave angustifolia

Again this is a nice wild agave. This Agave grows in Oaxaca which is another region where Mezcal can be harvested and distilled and call it Mezcal. (If you remember the first post, here)

Mezcal Tlucuache, 100% wild agave Angustifolia, 42%, Oaxaca, Mexico


Nose: This is both more vegetal and  fruitier than the previous mezcal but still very mezcal-y. Exotic fruit up front as well as agave and pepper. Some minerality too and quite some sugar.

Palate; Pepper  is the game here, but there’s also a nice hint of chocolate and cocoa powder. I also detected some  Pine needles. And then more white pepper. Tons of that. And that lovely smoke again.

Finish: Smoke. Pepper. Chilly. Sweet cocoa.

It’s hard to tell which Mezcal is nicer, but if you ask me, the Tlucuache wins by points. A fine dram this one is, highly enjoyable and complex , and to imagine this all comes without spending one day in wood. very cool.

Again, thank to Sjoerd for the initiative.

Available for around 40 EUR in europe, and around $70 in Canada and USA.

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