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Compass Box ‘Hedonism Quindecimus’ (blended grain)- Review

Who would have thought 15 years would pass that fast? yes, Compass Box, one of the most innovative whisky makers out there, has turned 15. Back in 2000 when most people would not even consider buying grain whiskies they released their first expressions the “Hedonism”, a blended grain whisky, and since then they have been making absolutely cracking drams, blending malts, grains, aging them in unique ways, and no wonder they have secured a place in the whisky hall of fame. You all know I am a sucker for a good older grain whisky, and to celebrate this 15th anniversary they’ve blended 4 different single grains from 4 grain distilleries (20  and 25-year-old grain whisky from Port Dundas,32 yo whisky from Dumbarton, 20 yo from North British and a parcel of 32 yo pre-blended grain whisky from Loch Lomond). Older grain promise to be delicious, and this is exactly what you can expect here. There are just 5,689 bottles, priced at £128/ €160. So, if you’re a grain fan – better be quick and get one FAST. they are going to sell well. I promise you that.Quindecemus

Hedonism Quindecimus , 46% ABV , £128/ €160

Nose: Wow. That is a thing of beauty. Rich. Lots of older grain notes going on here. Starts with the signature nail polish remover , acetone and vanilla with coconut oil. Further inspection and nosing reveals  fruity notes of exotic fruit : maybe mango and ripe melon. Hedonistic. Isn’t it?

Palate: Sweet and spicy on entry. Pepper and ginger on one side and creamy vanilla on the other. Rich sweet and coconut-y. There also sweet dough and acetone notes and the exotic fruit are here to stay. Delicious and complex. More cereals and even some apple Peel make up this rich and hedonistic palate.

Finish : Long. Spices , coconut and vanilla. Ginger bread. Butterscotch. Very nice.

bottom line:

This is a cracking and complex whisky, showcasing how good grain whiskies, when aged well, and blended well , can be. A worthy 15th anniversary celebratory dram. Highly recommended. Good work, again by John Glaser.

Score: 92/100

Photo Credit : Whisky Base

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