AnCnoc vintage 1975 (that was a good year!) – Review!

1975 was a great year:

  • The Altair 8800 microcomputer was released
  • VW introduced the Golf, an iconic vehicle.
  • Charlie Chaplin is knighted by Elisabeth II
  • Whisky is distilled at KnockDhu distillery in the Scottish highlands
  • I am born.

40 years later…

Men are like good old scotch. we do not age , we just become  ‘mature’. A month ago I turned 40. I know this might come as a shock (well, they tell me I look younger,but vintage 1975 it is!), and I was looking for a nice celebratory dram to drink with some friends, to celebrate this happy moment. If you’ve seen a few autumns yourself, you well know that it get’s harder and harder (read : more expensive) to find a whisky your age as you get older yourself. With current whisky prices, 1975 whiskies do not come cheap. I had considered a few options, and finally AnCnoc came to the rescue when they released their 1975 vintage just in time! That was a sign from heaven, one of my favorite distilleries releasing a 1975 vintage just for me, right?

What also was cool was the pricing. I know It was not cheap by any means, but with soaring whisky prices, it is very hard finding a 1975 vintage at an approachable price (under 300 quid). I waited patiently and opened the bottle recently, and my expectation were very high: but with AnCnoc, you can be sure the whisky is going to be top class, and this was definitely a dram befitting the occasion.

The whisky of course is at Natural strength, drawn from only three casks , NCF, original Coloring.

anCnoc 1975 (bottled 2014) , 44.2% , £291ancnoc-1975-bottled-2014-whisky

Nose: oh yea. That’s a fine old whisky. I mean… Aged, well aged whisky. Old library shelves. Wood varnish. Dust. Then comes the fruit. Melons. Peaches. Orange peel. Pineapple. Brown sugar. Wood Spices. A hint of wax and sour old vinegar. Its really At it’s prime. Not too strong but lively enough. Beautiful.

Palate: Dried fruit and Xmas cake , traces of peat and tobacco leaves. Orange marmalade. Wood varnish and more of that exotic fruit salad: melon ,pineapple, papaya. Cocoa and pepper. Nice earthy note too. Mocha, and more spice. This is fruity yet “dirty” in a refined way. I can’t really put it into words, but it does feel whole.

Finish: medium length – Really nice. Cigar leaves , earthy and dirty sort of finish. But don’t expect any big ash or something of the sort, it’s very subtle. then you get the dried fruit and cocoa powder. Mocha and Demerara sugar. all very  Musty. Old and fine.

Bottom Line:

This My friends, is an example of a truly gorgeous older whisky, with all the complexity, and finesse such a dram may offer. It’s not very rich on ABV, but that makes it shine even more, without the alcohol barrier. if you’re into the big older oak profile, exotic fruit, and spices sort of profile (who isn’t ? ) then this one is just what you need to buy.  Happy 40th to me!

Score: 95/100

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  1. Sounds excellent – I have just bought the latest Peter Arkle – much younger, light and fruity with the faintest hint of peat. But the reason I comment is to add another great 1975er – Hotel California by The Eagles… I still scream it every time it comes up when I’m driving alone…

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