Glenturret–The Peated Edition – Review

Ending this mini Glenturret series of reviews, with the peated edition, which is (unsurprisingly) peated.  This is not a peat bomb, but the peat is an interest addition to the Glenturret-y DNA, and does integrate nicely here, as we’re about to see.

The Glenturret Peated Edition , 40% abv, £37the-glenturret-peated-edition-whisky

Nose:  This is obviously not a peat monster, the peat is rather light and earthy, and compliments the malty, bit fruity nose, with the same Toffee and dough feeling we’ve experienced with the triple wood and the Sherry cask editions.

Palate: Mild and creamy, with the toffee and baked fruit, sort of palate, fresh dough and sprinkle of cocoa, that goes well with the earthy peat. As opposed to many NAS peated drams, this does not feel overly young, and you are not going to find any new make-ish notes over here.

Finish : Sweet, earthy and a bit spicy (white pepper).

All in all this is a very nice daily dram, and in line with the other two NAS expressions, when it comes to the basics… a bit of fruit, dough and toffee, which is enhanced by the soft earthy peat, to create something a bit different, but also quite alike. Nothing spectacular, but really easy sipping, sort of no frills dram.

Score : 83/100

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