Glenturret 1986 – The Brock Malloy Edition #Cask 328 – review


A rather interesting bottling from Glenturret was released recently : The Brock Malloy Edition, here’s more info:

Glenturret Distillery has released a rare 28 year old single cask malt whisky, described as the best cask that has ever been released by Scotland’s oldest working distillery. Approximately 240 bottles of The Brock Malloy Edition #Cask 328 (70cl, bottled at cask-strength) will be available to buy online.
The History behind the Cask:

On the 16th December 1986, two local stillmen, Hugh Malloy and Chic Brock delicately filled Cask 328 and skilfully warehoused the precious container to mature in the silence of the stunning hills of Perthshire, where it has remained for the past 28 years. Although stillmen came and went, the cask required no repair work in its 28 years and when Neil Cameron, the current Distillery Manager, tasted its contents he described it as the best cask laid down from that year.

Glenturret 1986 – The Brock Malloy Edition #Cask 328  , 46.8% , £200TheGlenturretSingleCaskBoxv3

Nose: Some lovely  and rounded old oak. Wood shavings. Coconut and exotic fruit salad. Caramel candy and chocolate filled with rum. Fudge and Toffifee. lush and seductive. I’m love loving it. Good cask obviously.

Palate: Oh yeah. The palate is a clear extension of the nose: splendid spiced wood, rich sweet juices: chocolate Bon bons engulfing exotic fruit, toffee ,fudge and  rum. Lovely spices too: nutmeg and clove with pinches of cocoa and cinnamon. Rounded. Rich and rewarding.

Finish: Ending on spices with hedonistically  rich chocolate , coconut and oak. quite long with chocolate mousse, and mocha.

Bottom line:

A cracker of a dram. really good stuff, good work there guys! I love the sweet, older wood with the intense chcolate / fudge/ toffee profile, and the spice to balance it all. Exellent stuff. Well worth getting if you can afford that (at 200 quid it’s not cheap, but not over the top for other OB’s in the same league).

Score: 91/100

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