Irish single malt 2003 [Whisky Fassle] , 10 yo

So, an undisclosed single cask from an Irish distillery distilled 2003 and bottled 2014, making it 10 yo, bottled by Whisky Fassle. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? Not much else is provided : aged in a Hogshead. Is this a young Bushmills? might very well be… We tasted this as part of a Mini Irish flight (along with Red Breast 12 CS, 15, Yellow Spot, and another older peated mystery Irish).

Irish Single Malt 2003, 10 yo , 49.5% abv (undisclosed distillery)wf_irish

Nose: Quite unique: both fruity and mineral. The slightest hint of peat. A  lot of exotics. With coconut,  sugared pineapple and candied ginger. rather Perfumed and exotic. Parma Violets too.. I’d go for a Bowmore had I not known this is Irish…

Palate: Creamy on entry. Dry with wood, pineapple cocoa powder. Lots of coconut bits as well. dusty too with a really weird yet nice feel to it. It needs a little of time to unravel.

Finish : Creamy coconut and drying wood.

This is a very nice whisky, though not in par with the older ‘Nose Art” peated bushmills we’ve had side to side, but it is also much cheaper. I a glad I got to try a sample (thanks mate), but I would not buy one myself.

Score: 84/100


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