Mortlach 22 ‘Platinum Old and Rare’ [Hunter Laing]

Another Indie today by Hunter Laing, this time a 22 year old Mortlach, which also sells for a hefty price of £335 (at the Whisky Shop). This is also a sample sent for review to the W club tasting panel – so cheers guys!. When you hear the name Mortlach you immediately think about BIG sherry, meaty notes, bouillon and dried fruit. In this case, this is really the case. A big bold sherry Mortlach, can’t ask for more on a cool spring evening.

Mortlach 22 ‘Platinum Old and Rare’ [Hunter Laing] , 56.8% , £335mortlach22

Nose: Big bold sherry. Sweet and meaty as expected. Plum juice. Crème brûlée and some earthy note too. Mushrooms and balsamic. Quite vinous. After some time in the glass a bit of butterscotch becomes more evident. With water you get quite a bit of crushed peppercorns and the earthiness is more pronounced.

Palate : That’s a big palate no doubt. Boom. Sweet and spicy. With pepper and cigar leaves. I’m picking quite a bit of  peat , chilly and fig and plum paste. It’s big and chewy and that’s not susprising with this sort of abv. If you’re looking for big sulphury notes – this isn’t the place. Quite clean. But the sherry is at the foreground. That’s that.

Finish: Dried fruit: mainly dates, pepper , wine. Earth.

Bottom line:

A really good Mortlach, IMHO. There is good balance between the wine/sherry, dried fruit , meaty , earthy notes, and the peat does integrate nicely. very very enjoyable stuff for a colder day or when you’re in the mood for a bold , dirty, earthy sherry style dram. I find the price a bit upsetting, though.

Score: 89/100

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