Quick Dram: Blair Athol 1991 ‘Foraged Fruit Fool’ 1991- Wemyss Malts

A quick tasting note today, maybe the last for this week due to a long weekend , while we celebrate the Israeli Independence day on Wednesday night.

Sometimes you just feel like an ultra fruity and exotic dram, and this Blair Athol is pretty much just that. Rich, sweet and lovely. Ex-bourbon maturation to the max.  I’ve not had many Blair Athols, It’s time to change that…

Blair Athol 1991 ‘Foraged Fruit Fool’ 1991- Wemyss Malts  , 46.0% , £112foraged-fruit-fool-1991-bottled-2014-wemyss-malts-blair-athol-whisky

Nose: heaps of sweet luscious fruit: baked apple, sweet melons, pears , golden syrup. Pineapple in sweet sugary syrup. Ginger, vanilla. Lychee. Heaven.

Palate: fruity and delicious. Pineapple. Vanilla. . Ginger and freshly crushed peppercorns. With fine mango and pear also become more dominant as well as wood and some coconuts do stewed apple crumble.

Finish: cinnamon sticks. Vanilla. Creme brûlée and toasted wood and vanilla on top of ripe mango and melon.

Bottom line:

Pros – Tasty stuff alright. Loving the exotic fruit salad you’re getting there.

Cons – Price. over 110 quid for a single cask at 46% is way to much money IMHO.

Score: 87/100

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