Auchentoshan 1995, 17yo [WhiskyBroker]

This is a rather interesting Auchentoshan from the British Independent bottler Whisky Broker, who sometimes has very good casks on sale, and what’s more important is they really have good prices on some casks.  This bottle is one of 306 , from a Refill Sherry Hogshead, bottled at 56,1% abv. It’s sold out at the WB site, but if you’re interested, it’s nice that Whisky Shop site stills stocks some at a good price.


Auchentoshan 1995, 17yo [WhiskyBroker] , 56,1% abv , € 62.50 (W.Base shop)

Nose: This is quite a  good example for the lowland style of whiskies, with a delicate and quite light character – herbal with lots of grassy notes. Ginger and lemon grass. Sharp and fresh, very summary if I might say.

Palate: The palate is quite similar to the nose with more ginger which gets stronger with some water. Some cereal and very faint dry sherry ( This is a very weak sherry cask as it seems, probably been used quite a bit before… it’s also a bit bitter with oaky notes.

Finish : Short. Bitter with hints of chocolate.

Bottom line:

This is certainly not one of my favorite whisky profiles, but I know some who really liked this cask (during a tasting I’ve led). It is however not a bad whisky. For me this could be a nice dram for a hot summer day, with quite a bit of water it opens up nicely.

Score: 84/100

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