The Bomb – Pedro Ximénez Cask Finish (The Whisky Lounge)

About two years ago I tasted the Oloroso finish version of this bomb, and quite liked it. I was happy with a 20cl bottles, but when I got the bottle, I noticed that I’ve ordered the wrong version, and that there’s another PX finish version I was not aware of. I never bothered replacing it, hoping the PX would be as good as the Oloroso, and forgot about it, until last week when a friend popped in for a a few drams and I decided top open this one and drink it (it was time..). Just like its sister cask, this one is a 15 year old Westport (Glenmorangie with a teaspoon of Glen Moray), the only difference is that an octave cask which previously contained PX sherry was used to finish the whisky instead of Oloroso sherry octave. Will this one live to my expectations?

The Bomb – Pedro Ximénez Cask Finish (The Whisky Lounge) , 45.4%,£61the-bomb-pedro-ximinez-cask-finish-the-whisky-lounge-whisky

Nose: sweet and thick with hints of tobacco leaves , vanilla and even some custard. Not very different than the Oloroso cask but much sweeter and bigger for sure. Quite a lot of fruity notes on second wave of aromas: cassis and red fruit jam.

Palate: oh man. This is a sweet palate. Too sweet in fact. Lots of fruity sweet sugary,  jammy stuff. It’s more a sherry than a sherried whisky. It’s sad but the PX octave really overwhelmed this whisky. It’s like sipping on prune juice, there’s some wood and mulled wine  but it’s really over the top. Vanilla custard, black currant jam. Golden syrup.

Finish: Drier. With a bit if wood. Pepper and more jam.


I’m sad to say, this version is not quite as good as the Oloroso finished version… It’s way too sweet, winey, and feels more like a desert sherry than like whisky. The wood notes are almost gone, flattened by the sweet cloying PX sherry. This whisky lacks balance, It’s way way too sherried. Frankly I think using an Octave PX cask was a mistake. I might use it for cooking or something, but I really cant see myself drinking this stuff neat. This is a good example of how a sherry finish can destroy a whisky. really so. Sad. I am glad I got only a 20Cl bottle.

Score: 78/100

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