Linkwood 1991-2009 [G&M for Van Wees] Cask #7271

When a good Linkwood comes around, I can not say no. Last night I was visiting a good whisky friend, and we shared a few drams. This was the first, and maybe the highlight of the evening (with another Linkwood by Cadenheads being runner up). Can’t ask for more.

Linkwood 1991-2009 , G&M for Van Wees Cask #7271 , 53.1 % , € 69.95linkwood

Nose : Starting Sweet and lovely with a fruity backbone , lots of vanilla and sweet honeyed malty goodness.There’s a wee hint of smoke, and some caramelized biscuits (Lotus biscuits, if you insist). A nice sherry influence too which is not huge, but adds a lovely dimension with the meaty sort of touch to it.

Palate: Sweet and luscious, with the Lotus biscuits, as well as spice, wood resin, smoke, and sherry sweetness, not overpowering, very balanced, and yummy. You can find yourself reaching for another dram and another one quite easily, this is highly addictive stuff. the vanilla and manuka honey are lovely together, with the wood influence, it’s a fine harmony.

Finish: Sweet wood, sherry and vanilla candy, spice. Long and soothing.

A fine Linkwood indeed. Good stuff, and so very drinkable. Really I could have finished a bottle easily, highly enjoyable and approachable.

For this price (under 70 EUR), this is a no brainer. Get one while you can.

Score: 89/100

Thank you Rani!

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