SMWS 10.77 ‘Beware of the monster’ , Bunnahabhain 2007

Young whisky can be awesome, and there is nothing to be ashamed of when bottling young cracking drams. This young Bunna is a great example of such a whisky. Distilled in 2007 and bottled in 2014.  But this youngster does not feel as young, and I really was surprised at how good it was.  So let’s end this week’s reviews with this fine dram, shall we?

SMWS 10.77, Beware of the Monster , 61.40% ,£49 (sold out)10.77

Nose : Starting with sweets and fruit: apples and some earthy notes too. There’s some smoke alright but it’s very very faint. Nothing to prepare you for the palate. No. Sweet pastries too, treacle toffee, and then some milk chocolate.

Palate: Much stronger and smokier than the nose, which is lovely –  Pepper and salt with a nice earthy tone. Creamy yet peppery and packing some big heat. Ample amounts of wood for such a young dram, and then some sweeter Plum comfiture.

Finish: Medium length : smoke. Cereals , chocolate and salt.

Bottom line:

A fine dram this one is, young, but surprisingly complex, and layered which is lovely. Age is not everything, and this baby is mature enough to fight much older whiskies. A fine Bunny!

Score: 88/100

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