Mackmyra Bärnsten – Review

A brief return to the Swedish distillery of Mackmyra with another one of their NAS special finishes casks, this time a whisky aged in Swedish Oak with a Cloudberry Wine cask finish (**Whatever that is!!) Released December 2013, 1550 bottles.

Mackmyra Bärnsten , 49.8% abv , NAS barnsten_produktbild_70cl

Nose: sweet and fruity. Almost jam like sweetness. Berries galore. Some sugar and spice with cinnamon maybe and a hint of Clove and vanilla pods. Sweet desert wine and strawberry flavored ice cream.

Palate: Lots of sweet juices over here. Sugary and fruity. Strawberry mousse. Sweet cereal. Berry jam and a Lucy sweet wine. Macerated cherries and blueberries. A hot peppery edge to it too. No then some smoke. Not a lot but there’s some. Definitely.

Finish: spicy with sweet chilly and red wine tannins. Getting dry. Touch of smoke too.

Very interesting. Sweet fruity yet smoky.

A very different kind of finish,quite unusual, but rather nice in a funky way. lots of berries and sweet jams, that would make for a nice after meal dram, and would go very well with chocolate mousse, methinks.

Score: 85/100

official sample provided by Mackmyra distillery

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