A couple of SMWS bottlings–It’s Thursday !


The weekend is near, and no better way to end it with a couple of fruity, lovely SMWS bottling, a Longmorn and a Rosebank.


SMWS 7.83 “Fresh, airy and sherbety” – 1993 Longmorn, 52.1%, £697.83

Nose: Nice and fresh. With zingy sour lemon , cucumber freshness and sine fruity touches too: watermelon and cantaloupe. It’s fresh and crisp but sweet too with old school candy and native lemon gummy bears.  Touch of oak and maybe dried coconut.

Palate: Sweeter with baked red apples sprinkled with sugar and spice. Some pepper and creamy vanilla ice cream mixed with lime sherbet. Lots of sugars going on here. Very condensed. Lovely

Finish: barley sugars oak , cocoa and a hint of citrus.

Score: 88/100


Smws 25.66, “Bette Davis doing DIY” – Rosebank 1990  , 57.8%

This dram came in a duo deal with the SMWS 24.127 which was BY FAR the worse SMWS bottling I’ve ever had (and the worse Macallan I tried). I was really hoping it’s counterpart would be nicer, and it was indeed.


Nose:  Quite fruity with fresh pears and a hunt if citrusy fresh fruit. Some wood indeed but not of the big bold old wood you might find in some 20 something year olds. Sour-ish cider and white pepper.

Palate: fruity with a nice mélange of fruit wood and spice. Some pepper. Apples, pears and ripe peaches. Spicy wood. Ginger and creamy vanilla. sweet tart dough. I think the picture sums it all quite nicely. A lovely desert with apples and pears. crust and sugar, with a touch of vanilla. Yum.

Finish:  Pears , wood and citrus fruit. Hint of ripe orange too.

All in all a very enjoyable dram this one is. Nothing we have not seen elsewhere, but very enjoyable at that!\

Score: 87/100

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