Nikka Miyagykio NAS – Review


The fact that Japanese whiskies are great is not a secret anymore. yes, we malt geeks have known this for a long while, but It seems most other people are just findint out about that, after this year’s Bible release and some major newspapers and sites picking up on it and claiming it has “defeated” scotch, or something like that. Nikka do make lovely whiskies, and their Nikka from the barrel is indeed a staple whisky  chez whisky Israel towers. This whisky came recommended by a whisky friend  (cheers Richard), and I was curios to try that one as I’ve not had the NAS edition.  This is not an expensive bottle, at 36 EUR, but not this is only a 0,5 liter edition…

Nikka Miagykio  , NAS  , 43% , € 36miagyko

Nose: Rich and sweet, with wax, and honey,  pepper and spice, as well as some florals (I am not much of an expert on flower aromas, but this is nice). Some leather, and a hint of salt too. sweet, and spicy with citrus balancing it out.

Palate: Nice big oily mouth feel on the palate. sweet, with chocolate sprinkled with pepper and a little hint of salt here too. Nutty, and smooth with more leather and sweet ripe fruit (plum and date).

Finish: hints of exotic fruit, cocoa, and chocolate, with sweet malt. Lovely.

This is a really tasty whisky, NAS or not, it’s enjoyable and surprisingly well made for an entry level single malt. A lovely daily dram, that will not bore even seasoned whisky drinkers, and aficionados.

Score: 85/100

Cheers Richard!

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