The new Ancnoc 18 year old– Review


I’m a big fan of AnCnoc, especially after visiting the place and falling in love with this lovely distillery. The 12 year old is a staple dram chez Whisky Israel towers, and the 16 and 22 year old are also excellent (if we’re talking core range, non vintage). I’ve tasted most new Ancnocs in recent years ( check those out here), including the peated series (of which I love rutter , and own a bottle).

anCnoc 18 Year is the new addition to the core range, and was matured in top quality hand-selected American oak ex-bourbon and European oak ex-sherry casks. The whisky is bottled at 46% ABV, non-chill filtered and presented at its natural color. Initially 6,000 bottles were released and are  available in key markets worldwide. The recommended retail price is £70 (and you can get it for a little less in most places – check out Master of malt which seem to be stocking it for the best price ).

AnCnoc 18 year old, 46% abv , NCF , £65ancnoc-18-year-old-whisky

Nose: oh. this is something nice from the get go. Lots of wood influence here, feels older than its 18 years. some nice sherry touches : chocolate, sultana, some ripe orange peel, leather, coconut, and sweet malt, blood orange and over-ripe orange bits. well rounded.

Palate: Lovely oak going on here for sure, wood spices, and a nice sherried feeling too. sultanas, more chocolate, the ripe blood oranges and citrus is here as well. Some nice ex-bourbon touches as well with the vanilla and coconut.

Finish: Sweet, spicy and full of sherry goodness. lots of oak playing first violin here, spiced oak, it’s a lovely ending to a delicious dram. Splendid.

Bottom line:

If you like quite a bit of wood in your whisky, you’re going to love this whisky. If you appreciate less wood, I think you will find this a bit over the top. For me this is wood heaven, you can’t ask for more and it’s not too woody, and feels very well put, with all the best you can get from sherry, and the goodness you get from high quality ex-bourbon casks…

A brilliant drop. I think I like this even better than the 22 year old.

Score : 90/100

Official sample provided by AnCnoc

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