Glendronach 1994 Cask #3400 – Abbey Whisky – Review

Another big sherry whisky today after yesterday’s Glenlivet, and this time from Glendronach and Abbey Whisky.

Abbey whisky does bottle some cracking stuff, and the last time I tasted a Glenronach they chose to bottle , the GlenDronach 1993 cask #33, It was good stuff (notes here). Apparently it was a big success and they were searciing to bottle a new cask, and came out with the  GlenDronach 1994 cask #3400 which was a large PX puncheon, and aged 20 year old. I was fortunate to find a wee sample of that nectar delivered to my doorstep (thank you whisky fairy), and set out to taste it the same day : I had a hunch this stuff was going to be rocking!

GlenDronach 20 yo 1994 (54,8%,  Abbey Whisky ,PX puncheon #3400, 672 btl,£97GlenDronach-Single-Cask-3400-1994-20-year-old-whisky-250

Nose: Boom ! spectacular stuff going on: big fig note on entry. Fig jam. Fig spread whatever you call that. It’s big. And figgy. And I love it. Throw in some more caramelized Apple ,cinnamon  spices and  then some toffee with a touch of vanilla sticks, maybe a salty undertone too. Lovely, big bold stuff on the nose. Can’t get much better than this when you’re talking PX.

Palate: Sweet mother of god! This is huge stuff: Thick plum juice. Date spread. Pepper and oodles of spices. Black ripe plums compote. On second wave of flavors I’m getting more leather , bitter crushed coffee beans which is  getting dry with oak and dark chocolate.  It’s packed with flavors.  layers, deep layers of flavors. Superb stuff.

Finish :Very long. Dry and bitter. Lots of spices still going on after a few minutes.

Bottom line:

This is a superb example of big PX aged whisky. It’s like having a fiesta of flavors in your mouth, with everything I look for in a Sheerried Glendronach. It’s big, complex, and very moreish. I finished the sample and was longing for more of this good stuff. Winter dram par excellence. If you’re a sherry lover, and a Dronach fan, buy this one, and make yourself happy in the months to come. Excellent.

Score: 91/100

official sample provided by Abbey Whisky.

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