First post of 2015 – SMWS 46.26 – Killer Bee Surf Wax – Glenlossie 21 yo

So… first post of 2015, right? Let’s starts this year with a bang, a lovely dram from the guys over at the SMWS.

There are many SMWS releases, and I try to sample a few, yet i know I am missing on many good stuff, as it’s impossible to try everything, yet alone buy all those I end up wanting when I sample the good stuff… This wee dram came from Shai a good whisky friend in one of his bombs (thankful mate, you rock). A good opportunity to taste some Glenlossie, a distillery I don’t get to taste quite that often (my first tasting note on the blog from GL)…

SMWS 46.26 –  Killer Bee Surf  Wax , 54.4% abv, 238 btls, £7646.26

Nose: This is some fruity mama. the nose is lovely, with peaches, honeysuckle, and pineapple bits, sweet nectar with the right amount of oak, and a salty note too. a nice mix of exotic fruit salad and oak. lovely

Palate: Salty, yet sweet with a certain perfumed quality to it. some flower petals, peach and sweet dough, in addition to oak and pepper, some citrus on the edges, balancing it out.

Finish: chocolate, oak , pastry and salt, nutty.

Bottom Line:

This is one funky dram, salty and very fruity at the same time with a lot of exotics, and sweet tones. Very perfumed. What can I say? It’s lovely.

Score: 89/100

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