Mackmyra Moment Vinterträdgård (Conservatory) – Review

Today I am taking a day off from the the Blind tasting competition, as my nose was not very usable yesterday, and I did not take any tasting notes for that Balvenie 15 single cask (that tasted like no other 15 single cask Bal… but, go figure single cask, right?). So we’re back with some Mackmyra whisky for XMAS, and today with a dram called Vinterträdgård Conservatory). Finished in ex-wild raspberry wine casks (Say, what?!) , ex loganberry & blueberry wine casks (Huh?), Swedish Oak & Bordeaux wine. That’s some funky cask finishes for you. Wonder how the liquid will taste.

Mackmyra Moment Vinterträdgård , 48.3% abvvintergrad

Nose: Malt, fruit (berries) and some eucalyptus too. further nosing reveals some tobacco and a whiff of smoke, as well as a more earthy even waxy feel.

Palate: Boom! I’m getting some more smoke here, with a big explosive entry:  Big sweet, winey notes, lots of tannins, tobacco, pepper, honey, berry marmalade, this is intensely fruity and powerful stuff. Feels stronger than the malstrom even though the abv is lower. Thick and big.

Finish: Cigar box, and lots of wine tannins flying around, pepper and nutmeg.

Bottom line:

A real belter of a dram. very sweet, excellent for winter after desert sort of dram. Big  & Bold.

Score: 86/100

Official sample provided by Mackmyra

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