Top 7 whiskies of 2014


It’s this time of year again, and it’s summing up time before the new year kicks in.. Today I am going to pick 7( a lucky number)  of my favourite whiskies for 2014. Not sure it’s THE BEST whiskies of 2014, but those i find memorable (i am quite senile), and worth your while. So, from 1 to 7, ignore the order as it says nothing.

#1 – Benromach 10 yo & Benromach 100 proof

Earlier this year the 10 yo was released, and then the 100 proof, which is a cask strength edition of the same dram. Both outstanding whiskies, and deliver one of the better Bang for your buck ratio, i know of. They do feel much older, 10 year old does not even come close. Superb stuff, smoky and deep in flavour, displaying old school whisky characteristics. If you have not purchased one, Get one for the new year. You will not be disappointed. Super stuff by G&M. really so.

#2 – Compass Box “The General”

I am afraid most bottles are sold out long ago, but if you can get a bottle – do yourself a favour. This is a wonderful example of older Blended whisky, done with the ingenuity only John Glaser can display. Pure gold. If you’re into “older” whiskies, with “that old wood feeling” and varnish etc, you’re in the right place here. Pure gold.

#3 – Old Pulteney 35

This might not be the cheapest dram I’ve had this year (around 480 quid!!), but this is perhaps the yummiest. at 35 yo, this falls short only by a fraction of a point from the 40 year old which is amazing but costs much more..  Maritime, with the age shining on top, fruit and endless finish. I gave up a bottle of this when I did not sell a mini of this whisky (yes, Crazy).

#4 – Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC 11

Another cracker for a “fairly” reasonable price. I love this, and got a bottle of it for a good price locally (TLV duty free, yes). It’s brilliant, peaty, and screams ISLAY. just a superb drop. Still available, and very good value.

#5 – Glengoyne 25 yo

A new addition to the GG range, and what an addition. If you thought the 21 was good, this one will blow your mind. This is Insanely good stuff.  Old libraries? check. Sherry? Check. Cigar leaves? Check.. It’s got all. at 232 quid it ain’t cheap too, but i loved this one. By far the best GG EVER.

#6 – Lagavulin 1995 – Feis Ile 2014 edition

The best FE 2014 distillery bottling, aged 19 years, and almost perfect. A tad notch below the 21 yo which costs an arm an a leg nowadays. I’m glad I got one, and if you can should you. Spectacular stuff. ‘nuff said.

#7 – Karuizawa 1984, cask #3663 (Speciality Drinks)

A great Karuizawa, I got to share thanks to a nice bottle share and one lucky dude who won the lottery to buy a bottle (yeah, you heard right). Lovely stuff, smoke, old wood, cigar boxes, a complex and yummy palate make this one of the highlights of 2014, for me.

2014 was a great year for yummy new stuff, and here’s hoping 2015 will be as good as 2014 or better. We’ll be here sampling the good stuff, and letting you know what’s worth getting. you can bet on that.


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