Blind tasting Competition Day 18 (FINAL) – Imperial 1995 (Signatory) –

So, yesterday was Day 18 and the FINAL (yay) day of the Blind tasting competition. I can’t believe I wrote this post and it got deleted by sodding WordPress, so I’m writing this post the 2nd time…

The dram at hand was real tricky, it felt old and just up my alley, with the old varnish, spices, and everything I like in whisky. It was not an easy bet, but It did feel Highland to me, and I really thought this could be an Old Pulteney, a well aged OP, which left the 1990 peated cask as the main suspect. I’ve tasted that one before, and the smoke/peat and fruit with the wood did fit the equation, the ABV was  bit low, but this dram did not feel too fierce .. You can guess I was not right about that, and ended up with another dreaded “0 punten”. Oh well.

Imperial 18 yo, 1995-2014, 52,4% abv, Signatory for Astra Morris, EUR 99

Nose: This is the kind of noses I LOVE. feels old, and well matured, with wood varnish, spice, old benches, and on top some nice smoky and fruity notes as well, brine too If I am not mistaken. Brilliant!

Palate: Again, the palate does not disappoint : Feels old, and well made, with the wood varnish profile shining, above some brine and exotic fruit as well as smoke and some brine. Feels Coastal to me  – this is why OP sounded like a good bet.

Finish: Long, with the wood and fruit, smoke .

A totally cracking whisky. I love I, and I want a bottle!

Score: 91/100

Summing up BTC 2014:a

This has been quite the rollercoaster ride, mostly down but some up days. A really cool experience, humbling as most blind tastings are. It’ really hard to guess a whisky by distillery profile especially when a lot of single casks are involved (not that I’ve guessed the OBs..). I’d like to both hug Ewald and kill him at the same time (kidding, mate – but Mossad agents are already in NL. HAHAHAHA). I’m also happy with my place (20’s something I think), I expected a lot worse, and was pleasantly surprised. Bring on next year!!!

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