Blind Tasting Competition 2014 – Days 13-14

Day 13 was day I will remember, since I guessed the distillery (Glendronach). one of my favourite distilleries, and the nose and palate screamed BIG SHERRTY DRONACH. I was a bit silly to not have opted for a high abv cask and guessed it was younger, so I did not get the entire score. Not sure why It did not feel that high and abv to me (59.1%!!), i should have known better and guess it was a single cask, and those are usually high in abv. oh well. 40 points. And to think I’ve tasted this one previously in a twitter tasting (here).

Day 13 – GlenDronach 1993-2013, 20yo, 59.1%, cask #33 , Abbey WhiskyAA-Abbey-Glendronach

Nose: An atomic bomb, sherry style! This is big stuff alright, with spicy, flinty, fruity and big. quite a lot of spices (pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon) you want it, you got it. Red fruit, and some sultana and date, in addition to balsamic and pepper. Like Like Like!

Palate: Big palate if there ever was one (why did I not pick a higher abv!!!) dried fruit galore, spices in tons, coffee, pepper, chilly. Sherry Colossus.

Finish: Bitter chocolate, spices, dried fruit.

Superb. I think i’d rate it higher than I did back then.

Score: 90/100

Day 14 – Glen Scotia 1999/2013 SMWS 93.55  “Lamb kebab with apples and peppers”, 61.4% abv93.55

Nose: Peat, Peat and some more peat. At first I thought it was an islay, but the peat is not medicinal, and is rather farmy compost-y. There’s also brine , salt and nuts, and maybe some seafood.

Palate: Big salty briny notes, as well as kippers, some fruit too, as well as a lot of peat smoke and more farmy peat. This is some big palate alright I like it. But it does not feel an Islay , not at all.

Finish: Peat smoke, more peat reek, long and briny.

I was pretty sure it was a Campbletown, but I opted for a Longrow for some reason, though I think i’ve had similar Glen Scotias in the past… Oh well, 50 points!

Score: 86/100

Looking forward to the remaining days. It’s hard work, but major fun….

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