The new GlenDronach 12 Sauternes finish – Review

This is a brand new GD expression which replaces the 14 year old sauternes finish, which now has been discontinued. It’s bottled at 46% as most entry level GD , NCF,  matured in European oak (read: sherry) casks, and then finished in a small batch of Sauternes wine casks (Sauternes being a sweet desert wine, in case you’re not familiar with this popular wine finish for whisky).

Glendronach 12 Sauternes finish, 46% abv, £41glendronach-12-year-old-sauternes-cask-finish-whisky

Nose: lovely and fruity, with hints of fresh oranges and nectarines, with a touch of ripe apricot and red apple. Some exotic fruit (exotic if you’re in Scotland I mean) : Melon, Banana and some wood, but not a lot of that. fresh and fruity, yet creamy. a very nice combo.

Palate: Big and fruity, on the palate with a bit of pepper to balance that, creamy and malty, then gets even more fruity and buttery : toasted oak, butter, cream and a hint of sultana and sugar, with orange peel to balance the sweetness with a nice bitter/zesty note.

Finish: citrus fruit, creamy vanilla, wood and spice, with a touch of ripe melon and raisin.

Bottom line:

A very sweet, fruity and enjoyable dram, and a much more successful wood finish than the 18 Port finish (IMHO). The sherry casks and wine at this young age do work wonderfully well. An easy sipper, you can find yourself pouring more and more. Highly addictive Winking smile

Score: 87/100

Official sample provided by Glendronach

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