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Time for a short break from the Blind tasting competition, where yours truly makes an ass of himself by guessing the wrong distilleries, regions and drams (I am not alone, so I am in pretty good company , right?). After tasting the 10 year old blind last week, and remembering how bloody marvellous that dram is, and how good it is for its age, and price (amazing VFM, go get one!), I set to try the new 100 proof version of that whisky, recently released. This whisky is essentially the same 10 year old bottled at 57% (100 proof, Imperials measure). I was very keen on trying this one. Can it be better than the regular 10 year old? Let’s find out.

Benromach 10 yo, 100 proof, 57% abv, £44BR-100-proof

Nose: Oh yeah. This is a great nose, and if i might say nicer than the 10 year old which was superb. Starts sweet with plum paste (plum jam if you wish), smoke, BBQed meat , lovely wood polish, dusty benches in an old library. It feels so much older than it is, I can not believe it. some baked apples in the background add a lovely fruity feeling to it too. I’m in love here.

Palate: A semi dry spicy entry, with maraschino cherries, sweet smoky cured meat in plum sauce, a wonderful earthy ‘dirty’ peat profile, not medicinal at all, just earthy. again, this feels dusty, with a nice polished wood feel to it, a touch of salt and pepper too, with dark chocolate.

Finish: Chocolate, smoke, dust, and prunes (sherry).

Bottom line:

For 44 quid (from The Green Welly Stop ) , this is a cracking whisky, I must have a bottle or two. Exceptional stuff, richer than the regular 10, and better by a margin, with more sherry, and thicker palate. Old school whisky, in the 2000’s and so well made. Wow. a 90 is fitting.

Score: 90/100

official sample provided by Benromach

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