A Dou of new Craigellachie – 13& 17 yo

Not long ago Dewar’s in a very suprising move released 4 new Craigellachie with a complete overhaul of the range, including new design and all as part of its ‘Last Great Malts of Scotland’ range.

this range of new expressions of this previously undiscovered single malt have never been released before as proprietary bottlings. I guess some of you need an introduction to the Craigellachie  distillery : Craigellachie distillery sits nestled in the heart of Speyside atop a rock overlooking the confluence of two great rivers, the Fiddich and the Spey. The distillery was built by Peter Mackie and Alexander Edward in 1891 and still uses traditional worm tubs giving the resulting malt a distinctive meaty, sulphur-y character.

The new portfolio consists of four age statements, each bottled at 46% ABV: Craigellachie13 Years Old, Craigellachie 17 Years Old, Craigellachie 19 Years Old (a travel-retail [duty free]exclusive) and Craigellachie 23 Years Old.

I will be tasting the entire range, making my way bottom up, from the youngest (and cheapest) the oldest 23 year old (which is the most expensive, naturally).

Craigellachie 13yo, 46% abv, £45.00 Craig13

Nose: vegetal and herbal with a spirity edge. A slight hint of smoke and some barley sugar. Mossy coconut. Funky.

Palate: the palate is nicer and approachable. A bit metallic and dirty but not in a bad way. Some grape peel and a certain meatiness too in addition to the mossy coconut and much more barley sugars.

Finish: dry and tanniny. Woody and vegetal. Marmite.


Score: 80/100


Bottom line:

A funky dram alright. It feels too young, but I like the coconut and wee smoke together. Takes time to decipher this one. A good start. But I have higher expectations from the older ones.

Available at the Green Welly Stop for £45

Craigellachie 17 y0 , 46% abv, £88Craig17

Nose: A slightly weird nose, absinth-y and austere, but that subsides after some time.

Palate: A more restrained palate, but still quite spirity, with some chocolate, butter and spice. rounder than the 13 yo for sure, but not quite there.

Finish: Sweet, barley sugar, cocoa and malt.






Bottom line:

This Certainly is a step up in terms of quality, complexity and flavour profile. The palate is nicer than the nose (not sure about those absinth-y notes – anyone get those too?). Still something is lacking and for a 17 year old whisky, at this price point (almost 90 quid) this is not enough…

Score: 84/100

Available at the Green Welly Stop for £88

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