Celebrating our 1000th Post with Hankey Bannister–RAFFLE!

1000I am happy to be celebrating our 1000th post this week, a very important milestone, I had not even dreamed about 5 years ago when i started the blog and posted the “we’re open for business” post. How time flies.

So, after 5 years, countless whiskies tasted (at least a 1000, but many more i’ve not written about), many whisky friends and whisky fans I’ve met online and face to face, It’s time for a little celebration, right?

If you’ve been following the blog recently, you know I’ve been tasting the Hankey Bannister range from the basic to the 40 year old expressions, a very interesting and surprising journey, through the range of a brand that for some reason does not get as much credit as it deserves when blends are concerned.


And now it’s your turn. You can WIN a bottle from the core range of Hankey Bannister by participating in our 1000th post raffle.  it’s very simple and here goes:



What can you win?

Prizes (there 5 spots to win a prize!! – meaning five readers will receive HB goodness as a prize, not one, not two, five!)

How to participate?

Hankey Bannister’s Moto is “Substance with Style”. All you need is to comment on this thread with what ‘substance with style’ means to you, that’s it!


Deadline for submissions : October 31st


Here’s to 1000 more posts!





36 thoughts on “Celebrating our 1000th Post with Hankey Bannister–RAFFLE!

  1. Congrats! “Substance with style” for me would be something rich, complex, and challenging (in a positive way), which is presented in a low-key and honest way, letting the quality of the product take center stage. Cheers!

  2. Whisky should be enjoyed, substenance being information, knowledge etcetera.
    But without style, what’s the fun? 😛

  3. Substance with style… Mhmmm… Karakter is the first thing that comes to mind. Full, rich and enjoyable in all situations for many kinds of people


  4. To me “substance with style” means that something carries itself with presence, is formidable, something to take seriously, to notice, because not only does it look good but it has good characteristics. Hankey Banister is substance with style, in a bottle.

  5. Substance is the whisky itself – it’s flavors, aromas and character, but the experience is greatly enhanced or diminished by the style – which is everything else: starting with the bottle and the glass and onto the company, timing and location.

  6. substence with style for me, means whisky which is characterized by something new , something bold, something that surprise you in the first sip.

    Slainte and mazal tov, cant wait to the 2000th post 🙂

  7. Happy thousandversry! Substance with style means, like going to the Louvre to see an exhibation, dressing up and feeling excited – Doing the same with a great Whiskey!

  8. Substance with Style… This is Bond, James Bond.
    Remember Skyfall? Bond couldn’t bring himself to shoot the glass of Macallan 50 years old in order to save the girl! Thats Substance for you.
    And what does he have to say when the bad guy kills her? “Thats a waste of good Scotch…”. Now this is Style!

    A man has got to have his priorities…
    (Joking, right? Right.)

    Congrats, and for many more posts to come, slainte!

  9. Substance with style to me means being an adult. Kids may have style. Being a grown man or woman means have some substance to go with it.

  10. For me this means having a well aged dram with the right people at the right place and at the right temperature

  11. Mazal Tov Gal, I have enjoyed reading your posts
    and will enjoy for thousands more 🙂

    My interpretation for what “Substance with Style” means for me
    is: that anticipation to taste a dram after you have heard the cork pops, the screw
    cap twists and there’s that unique powerful smell all over, the dram is poured
    into your glass, it splashes a bit, settles down and now it’s all yours!

  12. substance and style for me is art. presenting a beautiful thing such as an idea, vision or whisky in a way that makes it shine

  13. For a whisky, substance with style means richness and complexity in flavor. Starting with quality ingredients and achieving beauty in the finished product

  14. Substanse with style …… ” I love whisky in the old way ” that keeps surprise me everytime !!!! Cheers ☺️

  15. Substance with style for me is to be both successful in your business and to keep your integrity. And of course having great scotch in the office!

  16. For me, Substance with Style, is when a substance (whisky for example) has as much quality and kick to it as much as the styling of the whisky (bottle) and the hype around it. Where there’s a golden balance between the two. Reaching the perfect balance is a rare case as many a time we find that t he marketing has created such a buzz around a product and when you taste it it’s not even 1/5th of the quality and taste you have expected. so to conclude:

    Substance with Style is the perfect marriage of a great dram with a great style to it (such is Octomore Comus for example).

  17. An example of substance with style is when a distillery produces a whisky that makes you want to savor it continuously until there is nothing left in the bottle and at the same time providing the whisky at a low price without continuously raising the price just because the market will bear it. The whisky has substance and the distillery (controlling company) has style.

  18. Congrats Gal!! To me, “Substance with Style” means just that. Whisky can have ‘style’ as marketing goes…but without the ‘substance’, or the juice in the bottle living up to or exceeding the marketing…you’ve got nothing.

  19. Substance with style, that’s easy it’s Whisky Israel, great content (substance) written with flair (style).
    Congratulations on 1000 posts here’s to many more.

  20. Hi Gal

    To me substance with style is getting the complete experience

    Like when we eat chocolate and we also feel the aroma, texture and fragrance

    Maybe thats why…I like chocolate with whisky inside 🙂



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