The affordable whisky that could: Benromach 10

We do not often remember this, but most people drink blended whisky, and those who do drink single malts often opt for the affordable malts which some of us whisky geeks find “boring” : The Glen Livet 12, the Glenfiddich 12 etc, or in short: single malts under 30 quid.

It’s been long since i tried anything from Benromach, now owned by Gordon & Macphail, I did know a new 10 year old dram was released not long ago, with new logo, and bottle and looking very nice, but only recently after being sent a sample to try, i had the pleasure of re-tasting it. so, a 10 year old at under 30 quid, how interesting can that be, right? Well. WRONG. and here’s why:

Benromach 10 Year Old,43.0% , £29benromach-10-year-old-whisky

Matured for the first nine years in 4/5 bourbon and 1/5 sherry casks before a year in sherry casks.

Nose: This feels much older and heavier than a 10 year old. I am very very surprised (for the best). old school whisky for sure, with heavy fruity notes : stewed plums apples, almonds and a nice sherry influence too, but not overpowering.biscuits and a lovely smoky note too.

palate: Starts very smoky, wow that’s nice, then followed by bitter sweet notes of sultana and honey with the smoky feeling going on strong, nutty with sweet dough, spices, and pepper. getting dryer with wood. again, very very nice, and much more complex than one can expect a 10 year old whisky to be. Fine stuff!

Finish: Long, with sherry, wood and a generous amount of sweet-ish smoke. earthy.

This is a stunning dram. much better than much older whiskies, and i am very very surprised. I knew this was a good whisky after hearing some feedback from fellow whisky aficionados and bloggers, but still, this is AWESOME stuff, and and amazing BFYB. buy this one, wetther you’re on a budcget, or can spare much more. It’s a brilliant daily dram. just that.


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