Older Benromachs rock too–Benromach 1976

After the brilliant 10 year old, comes a much older, and much more expensive vintage Benromach – the 1976. Only one year younger than yours truly, it’s really at the age when whisky begins to display those “old” characteristics, i love so much. at £485 (at The whisky exchange), it’s not a cheap dram at all, and it’s aimed at a total different audience. But, is it good you ask? Let’s try it, shall we?

This whisky was  matured in first fill and refill sherry hogsheads. and was produced by the previous owners (before G&M took over), so that’s also an interesting look into past, for an era that is gone.

Benromach 1976 (bottled 2012), 46% abv , £485benromach-1976-vintage

Nose : Old wood and varnish on top with a creamy fruity layer underneath. Some exotic fruit but on the sour-ish side: kiwi, papaya and semi ripe oranges too to that with Fresh plum and you’ve got yourself a lovely 70’s nose .

Palate: Fruity and quite fresh. Starting on grapefruits and then ripe peaches and oranges followed by polished wood , pepper ,dark chocolate,oak and a hint of smoke.

Finish: Tobacco. Dark chocolate and spices. Dry.

This is a brilliant step up from the 10 year old, showing complexity, balance and displaying those old wood notes one looks for in drams that have been aged for over 30 years.  as for the price : this whisky is for those with extremely deep pockets, so if you can afford that I’d recommend it wholehearted. But do not despair if almost 500 quid is way too much for you (I know it’s to me) – the 10 year  although a bit different in profile will do the work (almost) just as well.

Score: 91/100

Official sample provided by G&M

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