Tasting Paul John ‘Brilliance’ (Indian whisky)

Amrut was the first Indian single malt that made it , and is regarded (and I agree with every bit of it) as a great whisky, having released some outstanding expressions in recent year, top notch stuff. It’s always harder being the first, the pioneer, and in this case Paul John single malt has an easier path, but it does have to prove , that it can also play in the big league of single malt and produce quality malt.

John Distilleries were established in 1992 by Mr Paul P. John, a first generation entrepreneur. Over the last two decades, the Company has established itself as one of India’s leading spirits companies with a strong portfolio of brands, leadership in key southern states and a market presence in 14 states/UTs across the country. The company’s flagship brand, Original Choice sells more than 10 million cases annually and has established itself as the leading brand in the economy segment of the Indian Whisky market. In addition, JDPL has successfully introduced several brands in Brandy (Mont Castle, Roulette), Whisky (Grand Duke), Wines (Big Banyan, Ampersand) .

The brilliance we’re about to taste is made using Indian 6-row barley from the Himalayan foothills, and  matured in bourbon barrels for 3-5 years before bottling. There is also a sister expression named ‘Edited’ which is peated, as well as a few single cask editions.

Paul John Brilliance , 46.0% , £37.95paul-john-brilliance-whisky

Nose: Fresh bourbon cask notes. Soft and buttery with creamy vanilla citrus and cereals. I’d swear this is a nice speyside Whisky. Very very scotch like. Very nice.

Palate: Pepper and sharp cinnamon. Then getting sweet and cereal-y with cinnamon and citrus. A big fruity too with ripe apple and a hint of mango? Creamy and a bit peppery too initially but that subsides.

Finish: Burnt buttered toast. Apple. Cinnamon.

This is a lovely whisky, quite delicious and feels like a well made scotch. I would have never guesssed this was an Indian malt and whisky, and this is a big compliment for JP. Text book nose and palate, gentle, soft and buttery. Impressive. I’d love to try the other peated and single cask versions, after having like this one. Highly recommended, and not very expensive too.

Thank you  Phil for the sample.


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