Kilchoman Feis Ile 2014

The smallest and youngest of distilleries on Islay (that is until next year, when Gartbreck distillery is up and working)  did also produce a festival bottling this year, and as young as their whiskies are (oldest to date was 6 yo), they are crackers.

The festival bottling  was matured for around 5 years, initially in first-fill bourbon casks before spending a finishing period in a Fino Sherry butt, a total of 525 bottles at cask strength.

Kilchoman Feis Ile 2014 Release , 58.7%kilchoman-feis-ile-2014-release-whisky

Nose: Now this is a peat heads delight. Tons of peat with big amounts of sherry influence. Not too sweet but it’s sweet enough. Apple pie and sweet spicy wood and some vanilla custard packing a peaty punch.

Palate: Dry and peaty. With spicy chilly,  mint and leather as well as cinnamon and Clove. As it evolves you get more ash and some dry sherry.

Finish: Smoke, dry sherry, spice.

This is a great kilchoman, and one of the better single casks from them I’ve tasted. It’s not the most complex dram in the world (at 5 year old mind you!), but it does offer the kilchoman lover just what the doctor prescribed. Peat, spice, a hint of sherry, coastal and maritime influences. That’s Islay for you! Like I alsways say, I can’t wait for Kilchoman to get older and to have 8, 10 yo maturing whiskies. Those are going to rock.

Score: 88/100

3 thoughts on “Kilchoman Feis Ile 2014

  1. Regarding Kilchoman, I stopped adding “for such a young whisky”…Excellent for any age, and there are very few to compare from the other Islay distilleries at that age. Simply great whisky!

    1. I am adding that to emphasize the potential. anyways, cant ask for extreme complexity from a young dram. you can find youn CI, or Bunna / laphs (maybe at 6-7 yrs)…

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