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Laphroaig Cairdeas 2014 Edition (Feis Ile 2014)

After that Spectacular Lagavulin FE 2014, who set the bar so high, it would be quite a challenge for the rest of the FE bottlings, won’t it? True. I chose to go with the Laphraoig of which I did not have very high expectations (mainly due to reading people’s reactions and SM remarks). Last year’s Cairdeas (also know as ‘the pink whisky’) was OK, but did not tickle my fancy, as the fruit and peat did not come together for me. This year Laphraoig choose another path, and aged the liquid in Amontillado hogsheads, and what do you know, the colour is golden again, no traces of Pinkish hues (yes, George Costanza!) none. This expression was not an Islay only bottling, but also sold on the Laphroaig site, and seems it sold out quite fast, but not THAT fast. You can find it on many auction sites for more or the same price, so if you’re interested, this is a good thing.

Laphroaig Cairdeas 2014 Edition  51.4% , £60laphroaig-cairdeas-2014-edition-whisky

Nose: Starts kind of  sweet: vanilla ice cream,  Cookie dough. Peat. Leather. Spices: cinnamon Some citrus and ash. Old school candy. A sweet nosed Laphroaig. Quite creamy.

Palate: Punchy yet creamy. Lots of sweet peat. Vanilla and caramel candy. Leather and tar. Earthy yet smooth. Some fruit too: orange and peach marmalade also some banana . Mix that up with some bandages iodine and first aid kit, and you’ve got it.

Finish: Medicinal. Dry. Peated. Less fruity. Still creamy but with a lot of that first aid kit. Banana at the very end.

Bottom line:

Creamy and fruity. But fine dram it is! This has to be one of the most creamy and sweet Laphroaigs, without being too fruity.The sherry added a certain sweetness, but it’s not a classic sherried Laphraoig profile, without rubber and the spent matches. non are to be found.  I don’t know about you,but i quite liked this one,and much much more than last year’s edition. This is a whisky to enjoy,and not to collect, and I might opt for a bottle for that sake. It’s a fun Laphroaig to enjoy. A bit different, which is good, while still preserving the DNA. Fine work chaps.

Score: 87/100

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