Tasting some Moonshine

Moonshine. Sounds exciting Illegal and drives your imagination into picturing illicit stills somewhere in the open prairies of the USA, right? I guess so. I do not have a lot of experience with Moonshine (or shine for short), but I was very excited when this wee sample arrived at my doorstep (or rather, I had to frigging go and pick it from the post office, as they do not deliver anything which is heavier than 10gr or something) :


Normally I would not drink any shine without knowing who actually distilled it, but this was done by a friend from the USA (whose name I shall not disclose, per his request), whom I knew would not send something that was not worth tasting, and boy was I right. As you can see this is some strong stuff around 70%, and for a spirit that strong it was surprisingly good and approachable!

Moonshine 65-70% abv

Nose : Boom! Sweet nectar. With some cooked apples , pastries , spice and acetone. Youngish. Some charred oak. Quite sharp on the nose, and a few drops of water (or ice, god forgive me!) could help.

Palate: Oh yeah. This baby feels strong. Lovely mouthfeel after an initial burn. Vanilla. Sweet dough. Big corn.

Finish: Sweet pastries. Vanilla. Syrup.

A cracking little devil this one is. I liked it very much, and with some Ice, on cool summer evenings (yeah right, dream on  – or just sit inside A/C) it will go very very well. I like this one and I think I need a bottle of this, so many thanks mate!

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