Girvan Patent still 25 yo

Grain whisky is often thought of as “that cheap stuff” that is used to fill most of the volume in cheap blended whiskies, and while this is not untrue, This is far from the entire truth. Those who tried well made single grain whisky bottlings (like those few – i tasted some time ago) such as SMWS released etc, will tell you Grain whisky can be beautiful and delicious. It’s true that unlike the romantic, eye catching single malt distilleries with their pagodas and beautiful locations , grain distilleries (such as Girvan) looks like big industrial plants, churning many millions of liters of alcohol per year, out of column stills operating in a continuous process, But that doesn’t mean that what they produce is only boring and mediocre. Girvan distillery is responsible for 75 million liters of spirit per year which are distilled in 6 column stills operating 24/7,set up in 1963  Kudos to W.Grant & Sons for introducing this line of single grain bottlings (there is a NAS, 25 yo, and 35 yo) that are not just lovely, but look brilliant too. They have succeeded in giving this “grey” sort of liquid, a brilliant new look. Very interesting to see how this 25 year old bottling tastes.

The Girvan Patent Still Single Grain 25 yo , 42% , £269the-girvan-patent-still-single-grain-25-year-old-launch-edition-whisky

Nose: Citrus notes up front with fizzy lemon , sort of sprite (or 7 up if you wish) , then getting more cereal, nutty and warm, with creamy vanilla.  Not as sweet as I Expect based on other single grain whiskies I’ve had recently, really interestingly so. a bit of spices and a sprinkle of pepper.

Palate: Rather soft and gentle, with vanilla, toasted wood, cereals and spices, stewed toffeed apples, and quite a but of bitter sweet wood. cocoa, and milk chocolate. bitter sweet.

Finish: Nice but not too long, with the bitter oak, chocolate, and cereal / grains going on for quite a bit.

Score: 87/100

Bottom line:

A very interesting whisky, well made, not too sweet as some grain whisky anti-fans would think. Lovely presentation, and at last giving grain the respect it deserves! The price is the weak point here, for 250 quid you can much older single grains, or amazing blended whiskies such as the General from Compass Box etc. So, I’m not sure I would shell out that amount for this whisky. But It’s bound to sell quickly no doubt.

Official sample Provided by W.Grant’s

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