Aultmore Douglas Laing Headline Provenance Tasting Notes

Aultmore 5 yo “Provenance” – Douglas Laing – Commemorative 1,000th Bottling Edition

Being a young whisky does not not automatically make one a lesser whisky, and with all the NAS phenomena going on and just taking over the whisky scene, it’s nice to see examples of independent bottlers indicating – 5 year old on the label, as if saying “I am 5 year old, and I am not ashamed of it, I am just good at this age!”.  Aultmores at a young age can be lovely (see my past review a cask aged 5 yo by MOM) , and this wee dram is no different.

Aultmore 5YO Provenance ,50.0%,£61aultmore

Nose: Lots of sweet toffee, caramel candy, vanilla, very thick and sweet, hedonistic. fudge, treacle.

Palate: woosh!. it’s sweet, oily and lovely, lots of that toffee treacle going on here, old school candy, sugar, a hint of orchard fruit too, and a dash of black pepper. The sherry maturation has really made it sweet as it is. brilliant, if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

Finish:  Some rubber, tannins, sweet grape peel and caramel candy.

lovely, not very complex, but oh very sweet, and lovely.

Good stuff. really nice , sweet and rich, 5 year old so, but what a dram! A great way of celebrating the 1,000th bottling edition by this legendary bottler.Epic guys (and ladies). Epic effort.

Score: 86/100

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