Port Ellen 30 yo Director’s Cut [Douglas Laing]

Port Ellen, the sound of those two words makes every whisky geek / lover / anorak smile foolishly, and start drooling massively. I’m no different than that, and I was extremely happy to have gotten the opportunity of tasting this 30 year old PE (Cheers Cara & Co) . I’ve had a few younger PE’s and some old PEs (one tasted blind, when I had no idea what it was). This one was distilled only a few months before the distillery was closed. Only 102 bottles of this nectar, thanks to Douglas Laing who apparently have some amazing casks still sitting in their warehouse.  So, a Port Ellen, let’s try this baby , shall we?

Port Ellen 30 yo, 1983 (cask 10124) – Directors’ Cut (Douglas Laing) , 53.5%, £783port-ellen-30-year-old-1983-cask-10124-directors-cut-douglas-laing-whisky

Nose: Starts off nicely wity a waxy and rather  sooty / dirty aromas. Beautifully so. Some leather and spice with a hint of lemon , nice peaty notes with a sweet tone and also some minerality going on there. You may want to let this one breathe a bit, it has a lot to reveal.

Palate: The peat starts kicking in now (we’re in Islay time, aren’t we?)  With a lot of sooty tones , tar , salt , leather and sweet and bitter old peat. It’s gentle but layered. Some old Wax and a hint of brine.

Finish:  Smoky chocolate. Candied orange. Ashy and tarry.

I’m reading this again, and I’m drooling. literally. This is good stuff, brilliant actually. 783 quid however are not easy to come by. So I’m torn. On the one hand I’d love to have this bottle, but on the other hand It’s way out of my league. Bottle share anyone?

Score: 93/100

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